The sustainably-farmed Dutton Family Ranch is located on gently sloping hillsides in the cool Green Valley of Russian River Valley. Three separate two-acre blocks are planed on well-drained Goldridge soils atop ancient sandstone marine terraces. The eight-year-old vines were planted with specifications on vine density, slope and direction, allowing exposure to both morning and afternoon sun. Four unique clones of Pinot Noir enhance the intrinsic complexity of this wine.
The Appellation

One of the smallest appellations on the Sonoma Coast, Green Valley of the Russian River Valley has a cool climate, a result of the fog that comes from the pacific Ocean each evening. The cooler weather and well-drained Goldridge soils create an idyllic climate for growing Pinot Noir, yielding complex, elegant wines with well-balanced acidity. Pinot Noir achieves greatness here.